Calvert County

Tree Removal Service in Calvert County

Why you should reconsider attempting a DIY?

  • Prevent death
  • Prevent unwanted injuries
  • Not qualified to climb trees
  • Not qualfied to use heavy equipment
  • May not have good knowledge of arboriculture

What The Fellers can do for you:

TREE TRIMMING – Keep your yard in perfect shape like the Chesapeake Ranch Estates when you get The Fellers working in your yard.

TREE REMOVAL – You want to put a pool in your backyard but that tree is smack in the middle of your yard or a tree is too close to your home? We can cut it down safely.

STUMP REMOVAL – Some companies only cut down trees, but we can take out the stump so you can actually have new space to use.

FALLEN TREE REMOVAL – Even though it has already fallen, you still need a professional with the right equipment to remove it from your property.


The Southern Mayland Fellers are your true Arborists. They are your fellow neighbors and proud to be part of the south!

Contact them now to get the job done right.