Charles County

Tree Removal Service in Charles County

What we can do for you:

TREE TRIMMING – You obviously don´t want your yard looking like the ship graveyard in Mallows Bay, so calling The Fellers will definitely keep it representing who we are in beautiful Charles county.

TREE REMOVAL – You want to put a pool in your backyard but that tree is smack in the middle of your yard or a tree is too close to your home? We can cut it down safely.

STUMP REMOVAL – Some companies only cut down trees, but we can take out the stump so you can actually have new space to use.

FALLEN TREE REMOVAL – Even though it has already fallen, you still need a professional with the right equipment to remove it from your property.

Why do you need a Professional Arborist?

  • Prevent fatal accidents
  • Qualified to climb or use heavy equipment
  • Knowledge of arboriculture

The Dangers of DIY

We all like that feeling of seeing something huge go down. But it is not worth it if one of your family members dies. We don´t want anymore preventative deaths like what happened in La Plata with a two-year-old boy when his dad decided to cut down a tree on his own.

The Southern Maryland Fellers are here to get the job done in the most safest and professional manner.

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