St. Marys County

Tree Removal Service in St. Marys County

What we can do for you:

TREE TRIMMING – Keep your yard up-to-date looking like beautiful Leonardtown by trimming or pruning that oak tree you have. Broken or dead limbs can pose serious hazards but The Fellers can professionally keep it aesthetically pleasing.

TREE REMOVAL – You want to put a pool in your backyard but that tree is smack in the middle of your yard or a tree is too close to your home? We can cut it down safely.

STUMP REMOVAL – Some companies only cut down trees, but we can take out the stump so you can actually have new space to use.

FALLEN TREE REMOVAL – Even though it has already fallen, you still need a professional with the right equipment to remove it from your property.



Your True Arborist!

You don´t want just any strong person in Hollywood cutting that Cedar down. Why not? The Southern Maryland Fellers are your true arborists.

  • Safety is priority
  • Experience working around trees
  • Knowledge of landscape ecosystem
  • Qualified to climb trees

St. Marys county is full of nature that hosts many species of hardwood especially in Mechanicsville. No one wants to cut down a beauty when we can benefit from it in many ways.

Unfortunatlely, trees do die or it needs to be cut down to prevent future injuries. This is when you call The Southern Maryland Fellers to get the job done right!

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