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Southern Maryland Fellers has been in the tree service business for years. We can remove trees completely, or trim trees that are endangering your house. Choose us because…

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tree service and arborist working in st marys county of southern maryland

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Southern Maryland Fellers Tree Service

When a tree is looming over your house or neighbors fence, there is no time to delay. The next wind storm is what is going to test that tree. Act fast, and you’ll only need to hire one contractor, us. Delay, and you’ll have some repairs on your hands.



Soon to be #1 Rated Tree Service in Southern Maryland

  • Tree limbs trimmed
  • Whole Large Oak Trees Removed
  • Stumps Ground
  • Fast, Free Estimates
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed 100%

man with a chain saw trimming a felled tree

Why You Need Experience

The Arborist business is actually the #1 most dangerous business in St. Marys County outside of wartime. Climbers climb trees with only bare essential safety equipment, and short cuts are tempting. We put safety first, of our workers, the homeowners, and nearby animals.

How are Our Prices So Low

We want your work, plain and simple. The tree business is typically an expensive service to hire. However, people consistently find our prices to be lower than our competition, to the point that once trust is established, second estimates are often no longer required. Let us earn your trust.

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