St. Mary’s County Local Government Provides Many Resources For Residents!

The St. Mary’s County Government provides so much practical and beneficial assistance for its local residents. For those who are up in years, the Aging and Human Services Team takes care of their diverse needs including providing caring government health assistance to them. The Charlotte Hall Veterans Home is a location in which Veteran’s of War can go to see what helpful provision are made by the local and federal government for funding and support.

  • Health:

The Government also supports aged and disabled ones by giving assistance by means of the Chesapeake Shores Nursing Home. The Highways are dutifully maintained by the State Highway Association and each winter when the Snow Storms pound away residents between the Potomac and Patuxent Rivers, hard working government workers along with well respected hired locals, meticulously clear the roads for grateful residences. Along with this, during the steamy, hot summer days, scrupulous repairs are made to roads like Rt. 5 and 235 for ease of access that the loyal citizens deserve!

The health department provides service to its residents such as disease prevention and also provides building and zoning regulations. Provisions such as Percolation tests are conducted to make sure that the land is properly filtering waste water. The local government also happily sustains the local Libraries, including the Leonardtown, Lexington Park and Charlotte Hall libraries. Besides the grade schools, these are the centers for education in which young students can soak up information that will last them throughout their careers.

  • Museums and Recreation:

Museums such as the St. Clement’s Island Museum enrich the area and attract tourism. This county government office also maintains Public Transportation, including local bus shuttles in Lexington Park, allowing residents to have access to the malls and shopping centers which also bolsters business in the area!

Not to be forgotten is the Recreation and Parks department who is responsible for such initiatives as the new, long Rail Trails running from Waldorf to Lexington park. This rail trail gives visitors and locals alike, the wonderful opportunity to ride their bikes along a authentic, historic rail line spanning miles and traversing the land. Such parks as Point Lookout State Park, Cardinal Gibbons Park, Carver Heights Community Park, Cecil Park, Chancellor’s Run Regional Park, Chaptico Park, Dorsey Park, Elm’s Beach Park, Fifth District Park, Hollywood Soccer Complex, Jarboesville Park, Seventh District Park, Snow Hill Park, St. Clements Shores Park, Three Notch Trail, and Town Creek Park give St. Mary’s County and truly, Southern Maryland as a whole, a relaxing feel and a sense of shared land that refreshes those who live in this wonderful county.

  • Education:

Different Colleges are supported by the local government, such as St. Mary’s College and also the College of Southern Maryland, CSM. St. Mary’s Hospital is the beacon of health in this peninsula, a haven of care for those who need help the most.

The School Districts are known throughout the state to be high-scoring and safe for students. Schools such as Chopticon High School, Leonardtown High School, Margaret Brent Middle School, Lettie Dent Elementary School, Mechanicsville Elementary School and the Vocational School next to Leonardtown High School give students the best shot at life with so many knowledgeable teachers.

  • Tourism:

The tourism department gives those who are visiting points of interest to make their stay in beautiful Southern Maryland as enjoyable, meaningful and as interesting as possible. The Chamber of Commerce is responsible for such things as providing an equal playing field for business competition, as well as verifying business legitimacy throughout the county.

Even bus advertising is well managed by the local government, allowing the mutual benefit of promoting local home-grown businesses while also recycling money back into the resources that make the county great.

Whether you live in St. Mary’s County or are considering it, rest assured that it’s local government will give you the support you need in order to enjoy your time in this fantastic gem nested between many waters! By the way, next time you need a tree service in St. Mary’s Maryland, make sure to check out Southern Maryland Fellers Tree Service!