When it’s Time to Say ” Cut down the tree.”

When it’s Time to Say ” Cut down the tree”

In Southern Maryland, we have beautiful trees. It gives us fresh air and a cool shade during the summers months. Better yet, when you have one in your backyard, it just becomes part of our family time.

We always feel sad when we see a big tree down. Maybe the fact it has seen more generations then most of us, can contribute to protests against cutting it down.

Sadly, there are situations when the best choice is to cut it down for the risk of danger and loss of investments.

Signs Your Tree Should be Cut Down

Too Close to Home

If you have big branches leaning on the top of your roof, it should be removed. During a storm those branches can break off and can easily demage your property, leaving you with a loss of investment.

However, if the branches are small or if the upper part of the trunk is NOT leaning towards your home, your safe to enjoy it’s presence. You just need to keep triming the small branches to save the tree.


Signs of disease:

  • Frail branches easily fall off
  • Discolored leaves or yellow leaves that have weird looking nodules
  • The roots, the trunk or the branches are rotten


When you see fungus this indicates the tree is not healthy. You will see mushrooms around the base. It is safe to cut it down to prevent any human injury or building destruction.


If rodents, worms and scorpions are present, it can be causing more damage than you think. They can easily find their way to your home. You may have to call the home pest exterminator but it won’t work with the tree.

The Roots

If you happen to have a tree that grows its roots horizontal, you can have a serious problem.

They can damage any close pipes that will leave you with costly bills to repair. Do not underestimate nature’s course.

Wrong Environment

Maybe your past home owners planted a tree that cannot thrive in its foreign atmosphere. That is the reason why it hasn’t grown nor flourished. Remove it and find one that suits best for Southern Maryland.

Not Sure?

The Southern Maryland Fellers, can help you decide if the tree is worth living OR you will have to say ” cut it down.” They are not just tree cutters, but are tree lovers and can diagnose the true condition of your tree.

Do You Have a Dead Tree?

Your Tree has been Declared Dead!

Most people don’t like the idea of taking down that beautiful oak tree in Southern Maryland. Especially when it comes with so many memories.

Do you really have to cut it down?

If that tree is located in open space property, why not keep it? There are so many ideas on pinterest on what to do with a dead tree. Keeping the tree stump can add caracter to your place and can be very practical to have.

Many have used it to hang flower planters around the tree stump. Make something dead come back to life!

When its the only solution

Unfortunately, if your dead tree is close to your home, the only best solution is to bring it down.

An Oak tree can be quite a challenge to take down. It is advisable to call the Fellers of Southern Maryland to safely get your old tree down. Your tree can weigh super heavy and we don’t want you to be calling the ambulance for help.

Avoid a Dangerous Situation by calling The Southern Maryland Fellers to remove your dead tree

Why can’t I just wait

Every Tree is different and there are many variables that can make it just fall down.

You may want to just wait for nature to take place. However, we can get heavy storms in Southern Maryland. These storms can be strong enough to tumble your dead tree down and hit your home!

Most Home Insurance Companies do not cover the damage if it was fully recognized your dead tree should have been let down before the storm occurred.

To avoid any problems to your family’s safety and to your home, The Southern Maryland Fellers Tree Service is here to give you a hand!

What Has Happened Over the Years to St. Marys County

How St. Marys County has Changed Over the Years

What are some of your childhood memories?

St. marys is one of the oldest counties on the coast and no doubt has given us many childhood memories.

You remember driving on the south road while listening to your Dad’s music. You just stare outside your backseat window at the fields that pass by. Are we there yet?

We know we hit St. Mary’s County as we stop at the intersection of Three Notch Road, Rt 235 and Rt 5. Yes! Our favorite spot. Hills Halfway House! This place is what made St. Marys part of the south.

Unforgetable childhood memories always has to do with good food. Many had celebrated milestones at the Halfway house like their Prom or it was a place for family time as the fried chicken basket or the liver and onions were off the hook!


Obviously in time, someone richer pays off the family business. As the new generation conquers, the old fashioned business cannot say no.

The Hills Halfway House Restuarant had defined St. Mary’s. It is replaced by The “Wawa” convenience store. Instead of savouring the southern food, we now wait to hit that spot as a bathroom break.

We are just left with remembering the taste of their famous stuffed ham dishes as we pass that once hot spot!

They Cannot Take the Recipe!

Instead of stopping twice, the main road along 5/235 are full of stores. Dolla General, Liquor Stores and of course Golden Chicken. Having now 15 stoplights on the main road can cause many accidents of impatient drivers. St Mary’s may be changing drastically, but we can preserve our taste!

We have people like Kara Mae Harris, a Marylander who dedicates her time in preserving Maryland’s Culinary History. She has collected recipe books from Maryland and recognized we have our own culture.

We can keep St. Mary’s alive by our cooking.

Historic Highlights

St. Mary’s is full of historic sites, that can help us remember our heritage. The Sotterly Mansion still stands and host many of our counties festivals.

As we pass by the southern road, we will always see something replaced by someone richer. However the heart of St. Mary’s County is still alive and our culture can stay the same if we choose to do so.

What it Takes to get a Tree Service License

What it Takes to get a Tree Service License

No one can cut down any tree in Maryland. You must obtain a Tree Expert License.

Any professional company that works with trees and cuts down, trims, fertilizes, cables, braces and controls insects or diseases of trees require a license. This is to ensure the health and longevity of Maryland’s community of trees is protected, keeping our Maryland beautiful!

Before Applying

Must obtain:

  • Adequate and related college education plus one year experience under LTE
  • OR have three years of experience under LTE (Licensed Tree Expert)
  • Pass the exam
  • Have adequate liability and property damage insurance

Once you obtain the license, it has to be renewed after two years in December.

Arborist Organizations

There are some organizations that offer training or certifications

The International Society of Arboriculture (ISA)

This certification is available to candidates with:

  • at least three years of full-time experience
  • an associate’s degree in arboriculture and two years experience
  • bachelor’s degree and one year experience
  • must pass certification exam

ISA also offers specialized certifications including aerial lifts, utilities-related tree trimming and tree climbing

The American Society of Consulting Arborist (ASCA)

This certification goes beyond tree trimming. The ASCA administers the Registered Consulting Arborist credential to offer services that include:

  • landcape planning
  • tree preservation
  • damage assessment and expert-witness testimony in civil or criminal lawsuits that involve trees.

Must be a member and attend the ASCA Consulting Academy training program. Qualified applicants will be sent a test in the form of a consulting scenario.

Tree Care Industry Association (TCIA)

TCIA offers a variety of training and educational materials to arborists companies who are members. After completing a few series of training, new employees will obtain all that is necessary to work safely.

TCIA also offers specialized training programs in:

  • tree care safety
  • electrical hazards
  • aerial rescue
  • ANSI 300 standards for tree care

A Company that offers tree service must be equipped to handle the job safely. If you need this service call us, we are definitely a Southern Maryland Licensed Tree Service close by.

7 Things to think about when choosing a Tree Removal Company in St. Marys

7 Things to Think About When Choosing a Tree Removal Company  in St. Marys

Many of us think that taking down that tree is a piece of cake! Think again. In fact, it is pretty sad to mention that there has been serveral cases of deaths in St. Marys county by falling trees.

You don´t want to choose just any kind of company that offers tree service because many could just end up being just as good as you attempting a DIY.

Things to consider:


This is your first-most priority! Cutting down trees is one of the most dangerous jobs out there. If you have that feeling this company is not serious about their job, don´t even continue the conversation.


Make sure the employees are actually certified to climb trees. You do not want to witness a preventative injury in your backyard due to choosing a company where the workers are obviously not trained.


Cutting down trees, especially in St. Marys requires big machines to get them down. Ask what they plan on doing to get the desired tree down to see if they really mean business.


You want a company that has a fair amount of years on their shoulders because they know the unseen dangers when getting the job done.


Not only does an ideal tree service company clears your yard, but they can aid you in knowing about the health status of the other surrounding trees. You may be doing something that can be affecting the eco-system.


Make sure there is a mature team ready to service you the best way. You don’t want to be dealing with a one-man show to get the oak down.


A good company must have good communication skills with you and especially with their team as they work on getting big trees down. Lack of good communication can contribute to injuries.

A Tree Service Company must take their job serious. The Southern Maryland Fellers is your ” tree service,  St. Marys county”!